Moonli Festiwal



Journey of the Inner Goddess

I am on a path of conscious femininity. Along this path, I move smoothly between the roles of guide and seeker. The center of my search is the work with the depth of the feminine womb. I summon circles, lead workshops, online courses, and 1:1 sessions. What I bring is my personal transformation. I have myself – my intuition and the stories of women’s transformations that I accompany. I accompany because in my reality, each of us is a goddess and a master. Each one knows the answers. I help to remember them. A huge part of my path is traveling with archetypes, which I lead and go through again each time.

She is a graduate of the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. She made her debut on the small screen in 2011. She has appeared in many other Polish TV series, including Rodzinka, Barwy szczęścia, Na wspólnej, Ojciec Mateusz, and Strażacy. She has also appeared in productions such as Ślad, Stulecie winnych, Dziewczyny 3.0, and Monument. She gained recognition for her role as Wiki in the series Zakochani po uszy.

AIR CEREMONY: Embodiment of the Soul. Connection of Women and Men. Celebration of Life.

This is a transformational, energetic, archetypal, and communal journey – a process of freeing and healing the body through movement, touch, and breath, and above all, the intention to connect with one’s own spiritual essence. From this place, we will journey towards healing the connection of the masculine and feminine within ourselves and in the world – towards meeting in one heart, in celebration of life. I invite men, women, and people to this beautiful, shamanic process. I have been leading it for many years for participants in their retreats, with strong results not only in the process but also in life. I welcome men, women, and all people.