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Releasing emotions (Hawkins & Nelson)

Hi! We are Agnieszka and Krzysiek from We provide individual sessions and training focused on raising awareness and reminding you of your POWER, which is available to you here and now. You may ask: why don’t I reach for it then? Because our minds are filled with falsehoods (untrue programs) about ourselves, the world, and other people. It’s time to examine the contents of our minds and release everything that is not true.

We work with people on a daily basis, individually and in groups, to release blocked and suppressed emotions and beliefs that harm us.

We rely on the work and methods of: Dr. David R. Hawkins and Dr. Bradley Nelson. We base our work on two methods: Emotion Code (Nelson) and Release Technique (Hawkins).


We invite you to a workshop on releasing emotions using the David R. Hawkins’ Release Technique. Together, we will release stress, fear, anger, frustrations, and their root causes – false beliefs that have been programmed into us.

Negative beliefs about ourselves, people, and the world manifest as our reality – our effects. If we have falsehood (negativity) in our minds, the results are often cyclic situations full of anger, tension, frustration, or even hatred. Many of these beliefs we do not recognize – we deceive ourselves that there is nothing there or simply do not know how to deal with it. That’s why with David R. Hawkins and the Release Technique, we will work on this together.

The work does not require interaction with participants – we work inside ourselves. The method works, and we see the effects on ourselves and hundreds of people we work with every day.