Moonli Festiwal


Fire Ritual | Wild woman, wild man - warrior dance | Power animal

She runs Wolf Workshop, travels throughout Poland and abroad with her inner fire, sharing her experience with others. She conducts individual, group, and couples sessions, as well as author’s workshops for women and men.

She works with emotions, body, consciousness, and energy. The sessions have a holistic, shamanic, tantric character.

She organizes ceremonial journeys with shamanic medicine Rappe and Cacao. Additionally, she creates ritual paintings on order according to the intention.

She began her adventure with shamanism a long time ago, feeling the call of nature. She learns shamanism from Ananda Rudra, among others, through intensive practice of Primitive Shamanism and Tantra and connection with the Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Cosmogony, Tantra Kriya Yoga. She is also inspired by an extraordinary teacher, Arvick Baghramian, the author of the book „Magic of Shamanism,” who is a Contemporary Shaman and Therapist in a unique system.


Wild Woman: the archetype of feminine psyche. A woman who lives in harmony with her nature, primal instinct, guided by deep intuition, expresses herself directly from her womb, has access to ancient wisdom, has an open heart, and creative power.

Wild Man: a wild man with the energy of a warrior. Warriors throughout the ages have cultivated qualities such as courage, compassion, discipline, loyalty, self-knowledge. These noble qualities are an archetypal pattern of a warrior. The wild man, maintaining his integrity, resembles a Zen priest, shaman, or trapper, rather than a barbarian.

The wild man and wild woman are like wild nature. Sun and moon, fire and water, man and woman, eagle and snake; on their mutual interaction, the mystery of light and darkness, life and death, good and evil, is based. Me and you, this and that, truth and falsehood, masculine and feminine.

By nature, humans participate in everything that happens in the cosmos and have an internal and external bond with these events. Our existence defines polarity: feminine and masculine.

The tradition of walking on fire is still treated today as a healing ritual that cleanses the body and strengthens the human psyche.

Walking on fire is also treated as a kind of initiation. Overcoming the natural fear of fire for humans. It changes the psyche, unleashes forces that we are often unaware of.

This is a unique ritual that goes beyond the mind, for this reason, it should be respected. This ritual not only allows us to overcome fear but provokes a process that unleashes tremendous potential and makes us realize that what seems impossible for us on a daily basis can become our destiny and our healing.

Let this ceremony heal your body, your spirit, and awaken the Power of the Elements within you.


Although power animals „reside” in the lower world, and to meet them and establish contact, we must go there, they themselves as spiritual beings can be present in all worlds at once. That is why they often serve as messengers from the upper world and bring us messages from there. We can also meet them quite realistically in our real world.

Most often, we travel by letting ourselves be carried away by the rhythm of the drum, which symbolizes the rhythm of the heart and the rhythm of the Earth.

And with such music, we will connect with our power animals, but we will also connect in this journey with our elements that sleep in each of us.

I wish you beautiful encounters with your totems, your power animals. May they help you grow and make your life happier.