Moonli Festiwal



Unity circle | Working with embodied trauma

Monika Sylwestrowicz is a holistic therapist, modern-day witch, singer, tantrika, self-healer, and loving mother, sister, wife, and lover. In her practice, she intuitively combines academic methods with shamanism, knowledge and practices from both the East and West, body work with spirituality, and reality with mysticism. She works intuitively and with intention, helping people find themselves, health, happiness, love, feeling, and rhythm.

Monika weaves together all of her passions, from therapeutic to artistic, into her website.

Creates Mojraland, integrating wholeness within herself and encouraging others to unify light and shadow.


A space that invites both women and men to experience mutual seeing, forgiveness, union, and unity – both within themselves and outside. Circle medicine is an ancient form of healing practiced all over the world. Sitting in a circle automatically connects us with its wisdom and power… The people sitting in the circle are each other’s mirrors, giving each other attention, which in itself is often healing. It’s a space of insights, truth, and a sense of community. I have been holding circles for many years and I am still amazed at the miracles that happen. You will leave the circle nourished, grounded, healed, or simply awakened… I invite you to meet yourself in the power of the circle.


Workshop and lecture during which I will share my observations and insights from my therapeutic journey in this area. I have met people with programs inscribed in their bodies that stem from experiences that often make it impossible for them to function in the here and now. These are difficult stories that, despite many therapies, still lie like shards of glass in our bodies. Some of them never see the light… I try to „pull” them out of the body with empathy using different techniques. My mentors are Lowen, Reich, and Osho. I work on microcosms, tantra, folk methods, and the medicine of elements. I invite you to release/expand as much as you are ready for.