Moonli Festiwal



Breath energyI Air Ceremony | BREATHLAND

The founder of the Breath Institute, where he trains practitioners in his own Transmodal Breath method that combines therapeutic, energetic, and spiritual approaches. He creates, connects, and transcend boundaries, methods, and communities. He is the author of the book Breath Intelligence and the creator of a breathwork community. For 20 years, he has been leading breathwork workshops, developmental training sessions, and online sessions with thousands of participants. He facilitates Men’s Gatherings, Women and Men Reconciliation, where participants experience circle, breathwork sessions, ceremonies, dance, and initiations. He writes poetry, creates their own music, and improvises on the piano, as well as being a dancer in both structured and unstructured forms. He is also a traveler, publisher, and businessman.

AIR CEREMONY: Embodiment of the Soul. Connection of Women and Men. Celebration of Life.

This is a transformational, energetic, archetypal, and communal journey – a process of freeing and healing the body through movement, touch, and breath, and above all, the intention to connect with one’s own spiritual essence. From this place, we will journey towards healing the connection of the masculine and feminine within ourselves and in the world – towards meeting in one heart, in celebration of life. I invite men, women, and people to this beautiful, shamanic process. I have been leading it for many years for participants in their retreats, with strong results not only in the process but also in life. I welcome men, women, and all people.


This workshop includes valuable breath practices and essential knowledge. With breath, you can do everything – calm down, stimulate, heal, change the length of life, increase immunity, reduce stress and pain, relieve tension and inflammation, change the level of cellular functioning, and protect your DNA. You can brighten your skin and burn brown fat, increase concentration, and release trauma, integrate painful experiences or experience expanded states of consciousness without using any substances. Breath is the medicine of the future, known for millennia in spiritual traditions of the East and researched by modern science.