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Integral yogaI Sound healing concert

Katarzyna Simonowicz is a dreamer, yogi, free spirit, certified yoga and relaxation instructor, and music therapist. She has developed her own original workshop, leading yoga and meditation sessions combined with the sounds of vibrational instruments, singing, and intuitive dancing. She works with the energy of light and crystals, and organizes concerts of vibrational music with crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, as well as individual therapy sessions.

She actively supports the development of both women and men by organizing support circles to awaken their potential. She is a graduate of the Private Music School of the First Degree in Białystok, where she studied piano. She is an artistic soul and traveler who draws inspiration from distant corners of the world such as Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and more.


During the classes we will be practicing integral yoga, which combines many different yoga techniques, including among others yoga of B.K.S. Iyengar, vinyasa yoga, functional yoga, yoga for a healthy spine and Yin yoga. Yoga and meditation made it possible to feel where you are in the present moment (in your body and in the mind) and awaken your inner power.Contact with yourself, your body, emotions is very important on the way to releasing various blockages and finding yourself. Yoga is also a deep relaxation, stretching and dissolution of tensions in the body.

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200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Certificate (Thailand) Yoga Alliance
Certificate of Completion of the Teacher Training Course of Integral, International Integral Yoga Institute


A relaxing concert embraced with the healing sounds of vibrating instruments combined with intuitive singing. The sounds flowing from the Heart and the unique sound of crystal and Tibetan bowls will take you to another space, deeply relax and calm your mind. During the concert, it will be possible to experience a whole range of vibrating instruments: from KOSHI bells, through Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, kalimba, shruti box and FENG wind gong.

Bowls and other vibratory instruments raise our vibrations, harmonize the energy centers and purify the aura. Their sound penetrates the body and allows it to harmonize at the deepest level, removing blockages and reducing various types of tension. The bowls make our body vibrate, helping to heal the cells in the body. And above all, they allow you to relax deeply.

In addition, crystal bowls, made of 99.99% pure quartz, affect our body, tuning each cell to the natural structure of the crystal, healing body and soul. The angelic vibrations of the crystal bowls activate the pineal gland and enable you to connect with higher dimensions.

*Please prepare comfortable clothes, the mat, blanket and pillow for the concert.