Moonli Festiwal



Happiness has many names

For over 15 years, she has been conducting training on positive thinking, motivation, interpersonal communication, and stress management.

She completed an international four-level Futus Corporation Future Systems management course on sales, rhetoric, team management, and motivation.

She is the creator, author, screenwriter, and producer of a comprehensive social, psychological, and motivational project called „Colors of Hope.” The project consists of publishing, a musical performance, and original training sessions. The innovation of these training sessions lies in the combination of lectures with artistic activities, making the knowledge conveyed full of expression and emotions, and reaching the participants with greater power than traditional training sessions.

She is also the creator of the „Little Great Warriors” project, whose participants are children affected by civilization diseases.



Happiness has many names

Vocalist, lyricist, composer, guitarist, music producer, emcee, radio presenter, co-founder of the bands Babsztyl and Harlem. With the Babsztyl band, he left his mark on the history of Polish country music. With Harlem, he recorded five albums, performed several times at the Polish Song Festival in Opole, was a regular guest on numerous TV and radio music charts. He played thousands of concerts both on Polish and foreign stages.

Ryszard wrote the music for the „Colors of Hope” project. He collaborated with Płock FM radio, where he hosted his own program „From Bach to Wolbach,” in which he presented the music he loves and promoted local artists. He is a jury member in many children’s and youth song competitions. He is also a trainer for music and motivational training.


A musical and motivational meeting with Barbara Szafraniec and Ryszard Wolbach. During the meeting, we seek answers to questions such as – What is most important in life? What is happiness? What can we do to be happy? Through songs, dance, stories, anecdotes, metaphors, we remind ourselves how important a smile, joy, kind words, touch, and love are in life. We teach how to deal with stress, failures, and everything that contemporary civilization serves us, and show how to enjoy life. We guarantee a large dose of positive energy.