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Enter the reality of dreams

Bartek Indygo, a former cognitive science doctoral student and academic lecturer, author of scientific publications in the field of conceptual blends, IT project manager, and currently an entrepreneur supporting people in the process of raising awareness.

He is the author of multidimensional development programs, including Alchemy, in which he combines broad knowledge gained through direct spiritual insight with modern scientific thought and Dr. David Hawkins’ teachings.

ENTER THE REALITY OF DREAMS – open yourself up to the infinite potential of God (lecture plus meditation exercise)

You are like the Sun. Even when it is covered by clouds, the Sun still shines. In everyday life, it is easy to forget this, especially when unconscious programs take control or uncontrolled emotions begin to surface. You are not them. During this lecture, you will learn how your ego works and how it sabotages your actions, thereby obscuring your true, sunny glow. You will also experience a state of full connection with yourself, so that you can remember your true nature.