Moonli Festiwal



Fire Ceremony | Kryia Tantra Yoga

I’m a Certified teacher of Tantra and Shamanism – Level 1, 2 and 3 at TrueTantraSchool.

I have completed my studies in Psychology in Management at Leon Koźmiński Academy. From a young age, my passion has been movement, and over a decade of dance experience led me to the top of my career as a dancer. Over the last 7 years, I have worked at the ROMA Musical Theater, participating in productions such as „Singing in the Rain,” „Mamma Mia,” and „Pilots.” I founded the company DT Makers, where I led workshops using the Design Thinking method and incorporating techniques of improvisational theater. I have completed the School of Change Trainers – NOVO, where I learned how to work as a trainer.

During my studies, I began practicing breath coaching in a CUUD group under Katarzyna Gilgenast, and since then, I have actively participated in workshops and trainings on Tantra and Shamanism. For the past 2 years, I have been closely associated with the „Tu i Teraz” Center in Nowy Kawkowo near Olsztyn, where I help create, organize and support the center’s activities.

My teacher for the past 3 years has been Anand Rudra, under whom I have delved into the secrets of Tantra and Shamanism from around the world.

I offer individual breathwork sessions, massages, and work with groups.

My mission is to inspire, teach, and support individuals in their personal development through breath and experience. I like to articulate values, share experiences, and guide clients to higher levels of consciousness.


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During the workshop, you will learn what circle tying and holding space means. You will use breath to stimulate energy in your body and experience it among others. Tantra Kriya Yoga exercises will allow you to see yourself through the eyes of others. You will learn about the path of working with consciousness through exercises in Tantra and Shamanism.