Moonli Festiwal



Functional Food - Feeding our Cells

A nature enthusiast, she loves her garden and feeds herself with what it produces, hugs trees, and walks barefoot in the snow. She understands quantum physics and teaches how to make wishes come true. She doesn’t believe everything in words and needs to experience everything personally. But above all, she talks about grass. Since green food such as young barley grass juice and chlorella healed her and her family, she is dedicated to spreading this uncommon knowledge. Her mission is to green the whole of Poland.

Ania is a sociologist, clinical dietitian, lecturer, trainer, author of publications and texts, a truth and freedom enthusiast. She has also written the book „Awakening to Health – High-Vibrational Nutrition”.

FUNCTIONAL FOOD – Feeding our Cells

At the lecture, you will get to know the secrets of how functional green food works, such as young barley grass juice and chlorella pyrenoidosa. You will learn how to recognize truly medicinal products from fakes. You will discover how to cleanse your body and restore acid-alkaline balance. I will talk about the impact of parasites on our lives and how to get rid of them. I will also address the issue of who benefits most from functional green food and how to dose it without overdosing. I will answer questions about weight loss and ways to reduce waist circumference. I will also present evidence from my own life of how functional food saved our health in different medical conditions.