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Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain: How Diet Affects Us | Emotional potty

Lecturer of Clinical Dietetics at the Business Higher School. Member of the Scientific Council at Aliness company. Host of the TVS program „Nutritional ABC”, in which he talks about how to eat healthily and still enjoy the taste of prepared dishes.

Andrzej obtained a diploma in Nutritional-Dietetic Therapy and Cellular Medicine Specialist. He completed postgraduate studies in dietetics and nutrition planning practice at the Silesian Medical University in Katowice. He has also attended numerous trainings in clinical dietetics, as well as claw therapy, auriculotherapy, and cranial therapy at the Polish School of Reflexotherapy.

He leads a therapeutic team at the „KawkaJe” Integrated Medicine Clinic. He has been interested in the topic of health for about 20 years and constantly expands his knowledge through participation in countless trainings, courses, lectures, as well as studying scientific publications, books related to health, nutrition, herbal medicine, supplementation, and academic medical books. He is a lover of a healthy lifestyle, natural therapies, and homeopathy. He specializes particularly in autoimmune diseases.

HEALTHY GUT, HEALTHY BRAIN: How diet affects us?

Everything we put into our digestive system has a huge impact not only on its operation, but also on the functioning of our entire body, including our well-being. Eating healthy is not enough. You also need a healthy digestive system. Both factors have a decisive influence not only on our physical but also mental health. Our brain is a complete reflection of the state of our gut. If the intestines are healthy, the brain is healthy too. If you lack energy, have depression, allergies, autoimmune diseases, overweight or other diseases, their main cause will always be the condition of your intestines and diet. So with food, we can cure ourselves of any disease and influence the brain to be fully functional and give us a chance to create a beautiful, joyful and loving life.

EMOTIONAL POTTY: about emotional resistance

Recognizing that the source of our happiness lies somewhere outside of ourselves, we open ourselves to depression, fear or hatred. Only by recognizing that we are the source of our happiness regardless of external circumstances, we become immune to sinking into the „emotional potty.” We tend to look for blame in external circumstances without understanding that all stress is created internally by adopting a certain attitude. Not events, but our reaction to them determine our life. So it’s not about the environment we live in, but about our personal attitude towards it. It determines whether it will be a reason for defeat or an inspiration for victory.