Moonli Festiwal



Attract Love | Feel power and financial abundance

A pioneer of coaching in Poland, a relationship expert, a passionate business mentor, an author of many books, and the creator of methods such as „Attract Love”, „Feminine Power”, and „Attract Success with Passion”, as well as the founder of the first Coaching Institute in Poland. She is dedicated to the mission of developing awareness, love, and abundance, combining energy and spirituality, authenticity and effectiveness. For over 20 years, she has helped passionate women entrepreneurs move from stagnation to great relationships, finding their soulmates, pursuing their career and business with passion, making great money, achieving success, being appreciated, loved and wealthy.

She is a passionate entrepreneur with a mission to help people. She has the most experience in the coaching industry in Poland and high effectiveness of her own methods and tools that help participants in over 11 European countries.

She has been seen and heard in many media outlets, such as TVP, TVN, Onet.Tv, Pytanie na Śniadanie, Radio Kolor, Wprost, Sens, Radio Zet, Forbes, Charaktery, Elle, Polskie Radio, Rock Radio, RDC, Radio PLUS, RMF. She is happy in an exceptional relationship with her soulmate.

„Everything is energy before it becomes your reality.”


Do you feel uncertain about the future, wondering where it’s all headed? How will a new order emerge from chaos? Or maybe you’re suffering from loneliness, a broken heart, or you want transformation in your relationship, feeling suspended? Have you experienced toxic personal or professional relationships or family relationships have broken down? Are you going through many changes, important decisions, and career choices – business choices while feeling increasing stress? Or maybe you’re stuck at a crossroads and don’t know which path to choose?

I’ll reveal the secrets of building relationships and a proven path from Love to Abundance. I’ll share my experience as well as the results of thousands of other people. The lecture will present a ready-made „from challenges to abundance” formula, and the workshop will be based on experiencing, where I will lead an original Meditation of Release and Opening to Love.

I’ll uncover secrets based on my own experiences, when I lost Love and Money, and I’ll share the results of thousands of other people who have applied them.

A true feast awaits you for your Body, Mind, and Soul.