Moonli Festiwal



Tantra Yoga & Sound Healing | Earth Ceremony

Anna En-Niya from Rising Spirits is a free spirit who trust in the non-duality, in the Cosmo Vision where everything is divine and everything is connected. She is a Hatha, Tantra and Aerial Yoga Teacher, Ecstatic Dance facilitator, Spiritual Coach and prospective Naturopath. She is guiding you through the yoga session and the Ceremony.



Tantra Yoga & Sound Healing | Earth Ceremony

Ismail En-Niya from Rising Spirits is a shamanic healer, spiritual coach, ecstatic dance facilitator and drummer and is guiding us through the session with sound healing. As a healer he will apply some healing practices during the workshop. During the Ceremony he will guide us through the journey as a DJ and by playing with the shaman drum to allow a tribal healing experience in connecting to the power of the earth.


Tantra Yoga is a very spiritual path of Yoga. Tantra implies the vision that everything is connected. The practice helps you to explore your subtle energies and to connect your body with your soul. It deepens your relation to yourself, to nature and to the universe. Tantra Yoga assists you to examine your tensions, listen deep to your needs, become more self-aware and reconnect to your higher self. In this style of teaching, we travel through our Chakras blindfolded, feel into our emotions and stuck energies, releasing them gently through soft movements and meditative Asanas, reload us through breath work, energy work, reconnect through relaxation and arrive in a blissful state of meditation.

EARTH CEREMONY: a Healing Ritual

This ritual is a sacred space for us to honor and connect with the earth, offering our gratitude and reverence for the land, the elements, and the spirits. We will seek to heal and nourish both ourselves and the Earth. With our intentions and actions aligned, we will invite the blessings to flow through us, infusing the land with light, love, and positive energy. Join us in this transformative journey of connection, healing, and renewal, as we work together to bless the Earth and all its beings.